To Know Nepal Is To Love Her

The majesty of her mountains inspires awe and a reassuring sense of perspective. The grace of her people floods your heart with the buoyant certainty that we are all kin. In the year after an earthquake devastated Nepal’s mountain villages and rich lowland culture, recovery efforts have been swift and significant. Now, Nepal’s people urgently need tourism to return.

Let’s go to Nepal.
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Nepal is Open for Business

One year after the earthquake, beautiful Nepal is ready to welcome you. Explore trip ideas here.

A Love Letter To Nepal

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Who’s Behind Nepal, I Love You?

Nepal, I Love You is a pro-bono collaboration between people who love Nepal—climbers, artists, dignitaries, filmmakers, musicians and creatives—to remind the world that on the one-year anniversary of last year’s tragedy, her loveliness remains.

The movement was launched by Camp4 Collective, a small film production company with a deep and committed love for Nepal. During the spring of 2015, Camp4 captured the most comprehensive aerial footage of the high Nepalese Himalaya to-date with the intention to make a short film about the mountains and the people who live there. Before they could complete the film, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, wiping out entire villages, and damaging the nation’s economy.

Over the next few months, Camp4 witnessed swift and substantial rebuilding in Nepal, but Nepalese friends worried that only images of death and destruction made the 24-hour news cycle. Nepal urgently needed tourism to return, and needed long-term financial support for reconstruction. For both, the world needed to see beyond the devastation. So, Camp4 teamed up with friends to share positive stories of Nepal’s cultures and landscapes. The goal is simple: to inspire travel to Nepal and thereby to help reboot the nation’s tourist economy.